Dance Floor HireAs a new addition to our range of entertainment services, we are proud to announce that we now also supply dance floors of all sizes and colours


Always a traditional favourite.

  • £200 for 12' x 12'
  • £250 for 15' x 15'
  • £300 for 20' x 20'


Most commonly requested are black, white, solid coloured dancefloors. These can also be combined to produce a checkerboard effect.

  • £250 for 12' x 12'
  • £300 for 16' x 16'
  • £350 for 20' x 20'


We are one of the few dancefloor companies in the UK which can offer a bespoke service - we can match almost any colour requirement you can think of.

  • Already in stock - red, gold and pink.
  • Other colours can be produced to order.


Typically, we charge 50p per mile for most jobs in the South of England. We can usually provide some kind of discount for special events or multiple hires.

Health & Safety

All of our dance floors are supplied and fitted by trained personnel and we have full public liability insurance.

Our dance floors are well maintained and cleaned before each event, so you can be assured of a stunning result every time. Before each event, we treat our dance floors with a slip-resistant coating which helps to reduce the chances of any unfortunate mishaps.

Call us now on 0845 838 7112.

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Dance Floor Hire in North London, South East