Giant ScalextricMost of us remember seeing Scalextric as a toy, but probably do not appreciate the potential as a participation event. The game is ideally suited to entertaining groups of adults and children alike and, contrary to the "boys thing" image, lady players are surprisingly enthusiastic.

When a wide age range is at the same event, play is often split into groups; Children, Ladies, Gents. Giving all a turn and preventing children pushing to the front and playing non-stop. Also adults appear embarrassed to win or lose against a child for some reason!

Beginners and experts can play in the same tournament without frustration or embarrassment. Physically handicapped players are often not at any disadvantage and can enjoy the fun just as much. Clearly a wheel chair is no problem but even blind people have been known to give it a bash.

Great track, cars and computerised scoring is just the start. The Race Director acts as the referee, and uses a radio microphone to provide a humorous commentary as each race progresses. Each race is scored on the integrated computer system and drivers can amass points towards each competition.

Prices start from £500, depending upon the size of the event and the distance we need to travel..

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Giant Scalextric Hire in North London, South East