Stars In Thire Minds Karaoke

KaraokeWhat makes a karaoke event special?
We have three answers to this:

You would be surprised to learn how many karaoke providers exist that fail to pay attention to these criteria.

When we first started putting on karaokes shows, we set out to be the best in the business. All of our shows look good, sound great, and have the best presentation available.
The STARS IN THEIR MINDS karaoke show was born.

Our karaoke music collection is one of the biggest in the business, spanning over nine thousand tunes (after de-duplication - this is important, as many karaoke suppliers boast high numbers but that includes multiple copies of the same songs).

For our larger shows, we provide high quality radio microphones and can project live images of the singer(s) performances all over your venue.

Our karaoke hosts are among the best on the circuit - all are highly experienced, well-presented, courteous and sensitive to the audience's mood. Each will often sing several songs at the beginning of each event to help to warm up the atmosphere and then will go on to encourage the crowd to join in the fun.

Our prices vary from £250 to £1000, depending on the size of the show, the length of the event and the distance we need to travel.

Bronze Karaoke Package


For small venues where space is at a premium
Prices start from £250

Platinum Karaoke Package


For large, prestigeous events
Prices start from £500
Optional Starcloth backdrop extra £100

Please note that the equipment supplied may vary slightly from the illustrative photos above.

For specialist applications let us quote for your event.

Call us now on 0845 838 7112.

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